Different control keys and Natural scrolling on Windows

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Different control keys and Natural scrolling on Windows

OK, since I've been using Windows a bit, the hardest thing for a Mac user is that different order of the CTRL, Windows and ALT keys for Windows vs. the Mac use of Ctrl, Option and Command. The big issue is that the copy and paste are in different places so CTRL-C works on the Windows and Command-C works on the Mac and you just have to remember this.

The other hard thing is that things like Command-Space which brings up enter is actually Windows-S on the PC.

But, the biggest confusing thing is the way that the mouse scrolls. With a Mac machine if you scroll down, then the page moves down. This is the reverse on a PC. It is actually quite hard to invert this. Despite the many configurations that are available on Windows, you actually have to deeply register hack to get it to inverted scrolling:

  1. With Windows 8, this was just an entry in Mouse & touchpad and you clicked on Reverse scrolling direction
  2. But with Windows 10 and above for a mouse, you need to start the Device Manager and then scroll down to Mouse and other pointing devices and browse to the mouse you have and then right click and look at Details for the Device instance path and copy that value which looks like HID\VID_gobbley_gook
  3. Then start the Registery Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum|HID and then look for the VID
  4. Look in Device Properties and then buried there in FlipFlopWheel and change that to a 1.
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