Downloading all files and images for TacView to Command Modern Operations

OK, I haven’t had to do this for a while, but in playing with

, I wanted to get realistic views with TacView, you get sort of a basic 3D view, but you can also get more detailed maps as well. You have to download them to a magic place in TacView Textures to get this to work. But, the site where you do this at UCDS is still from the world of WEb 1.0 so it has a sea of links and you have to download them all.

There are basically elevation files that show how high things from UCDS and then the actual maps that CMO uses that you can download into TacView.

I had actually forgotten how to do this, but instead of clicking on one of the 400 links, there has to be a better way. There are two alternatives:

  1. Since this is on Windows, I wanted something to work with Microsoft Edge. I had not realized that this is actually now something that is compatible with Google Chrome, so I can just use the venerable Download Them All! as a Chrome application. You just go to the Google Chrome store and choose it.
  2. Then there is something that goes through all the images and does the same cleverly named Download all Images. This is more limited than Download them all, but does put them into a gigantic Zip folder which is supposed to be faster than doing 18K individual files.

Using it is pretty easy if a little confusing. The main issue is that with Edge, once you download an extension it is not clear how to activate it. You have to puzzle icon in the toolbar click on it to manage extensions and the new icon will be a default not be visible, the eye icon is crossed out. If you click on that then an icon for the application appears on the toolbar.

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