Not using the mouse with your Mac and good bye WASD Code V2.1 Keyboard

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Not using the mouse with your Mac and good bye WASD Code V2.1 Keyboard

Well, since I've been doing lots of documents and working on Safari, I was reminded of the many keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Vimari and of course with Vi itself. But, one project I've not had time to try until now is vimac. This is a project that basically goes through graphical elements on any MacOS application and pastes a shortcut on them.

While you don't need this if you know most of the shortcuts or if the application itself like Safari with Vimari or Vivaldi with Vimium or Vimium-C if you have a keystroke unaware applications like say System Preferences, this can be useful. It is nice for instance to go between tabs just by typing w and q although this works pretty funkily if the web page itself is accepting input or if it has keyboard shortcuts itself like

Now there are lots of keyboard shortcuts, so I use Cheatsheet which is sensitive to a long press of the Command key and will show all the Options and built-in keystroke shortcuts, but that usually doesn't cover all the things you can do with an application.

Sadly, Vimac doesn't have a homebrew formula, so you actually have to download it from the vimad site, but once you do, then if you long-press the spacebar, it will intercept this and label every clickable element in a graphical application with a text code. Type that code and you activate.

Goodbye to my first mechanical keyboard.

I though these things would never actually break since they are good for 50M keystrokes or something crazy like that, but in this case it looks like the controller of the WASD Code V2.1 keyboard failed because the keys like spacebar, g and h no longer work even though keyboard lights up. It was a great introduction to keyboards with Cherry MX Blue keys and dampeners as well I put in.

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