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Smallest GAN USB C Chargers


Well, now that world has moved so far over to USB C, there are so many more choices of chargers. You can get a USB C charger with 200W and multiple connectors, but it is super confusing what works with what. And when you plug multiple devices in, how much power do you get out.

The net of this is that from a power/volume perspective, Anker Nano II are the clear winners. Also from a power to weight ratio (higher is better). I normally recommend the 30W if you need absolutely the lightest weight as it charges an iPad or iPhone perfectly. And the 65W if you want to power a MacBook Pro or Air. Even though you can put a 96W or even 140W charger on the Macbook 14 and 16 respectively to fast charge it, normally if you are just operating from a desk, the 65W is fine to keep up. The 45W is a funny middle ground since it has only a single USB C and you can split the signal so you need a device like a MacBook and then daisychain it with an iPad or iPhone:

Make Model Output Ports Price Size (in) Weight (oz) Power/in^3 Power/oz
Invz 33w 30W USB-C $18 1.22x1.26 x 1.89 1.76oz 10.3W 17.6W
ANKER Nano II 30W USB-C $28 1.25”x1.2”x 1.5” 1.66oz 13.3W 18.1W
ANKER Nano II 45W USB-C $40 1.49”x1.38”x1.62” 2.44 oz 13.5W 18.4W
ANKER Nano II 65W USB-C $50 1.65”x1.42”x1.74” 3.96oz 15.9W 16.1
MINIX 66W Turbo 66W USB-Cx2: 30W+30W, USB-C+A: 45W+18W $40 2.08”x2.08”x1.2” 6.7oz 12.7W 9.9W
Spigen GanII 100W USBC x2: 45W x 45W $48 2.67”x2.67”x1.39” 7.58 oz 10.1W 13.2W

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