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sale: Black Friday is awesome


There are so many great deals, so take advantage here is a list of things I've been looking at:

  1. Apple MacBook Air M2 (mid-2022). Wow, a nice sale for this brand new thing, not quite as good as the fall promotion where there was a $150 gift card if you were lucky enough to be a student, but right now Apple Insider Guide shows that Adorama is giving $250 off if you use their APINSIDER code and you get the 67W charger which is nice too and a nice discount on AppleCare. If you are really on a budget, the MacBook Air M1 is smaller and a little slower but $200 less. Make sure you sign up for the Adorama loyalty plan to get another 1% and also Rakuten has 2% off with American Express.
  2. Nedrelow. OK, I'm a sucker for small stuff, but he's got 20% off his entire store right now and they really are the nicest wool felt holders. I love the way they act as a desktop pad and also for storing. The magnets are awesome. Free shipping if over $200.
  3. Rocket Book. If you want to save the planet, then these erasable books are awesome. Just make sure to use special blue Frixion ink (the black becomes rapidly indelible). They even include an application that lets you scan things and automatically store it in different places depending on icons on the bottom. So you get a nice pad that doesn't ever need to be charged. They have 10-30% off and if you spend $100, you get a free notebook. There are other solutions out there like Moleskine that actually sense the pen on the paper but these cost $200 (and you might as well get an iPad at some point). This is great if you just want something that is in the drawer but doesn't want to waste paper. Their first model the Rocket actually had to be microwaved, but these are just wiped away.,
  4. Peak Design. They have a nice 12% off for lots of things so that's great. Or if you are a student, you can get 15% off every day.
  5. Backcountry. They typically have some great sales and right now it is 20% off a regularly priced item which is great
  6. Nock. This is another great niche site that has some nice pouches and cases.
  7. Studio Neat. They don't have Black Friday, but kind of cool to support two designers who are pumping out amazing pens. The Mark Two is a pretty cool thing which is a small everyday carry pen. Great podcast too.
  8. Geometric Goods. This is a one-man shop in Poland, really great AirTag minimal wallets, and plenty of gear to support Ukraine too. Well made for sure.
  9. Shokz. They make just the best bone-conduction headsets. They are 30% off right now which is a great deal. With a two-year warranty no less.
  10. Best Buy. Well they have the usual sales, but the gift cards are incredible 15% off of $200 AirBNB and 20% off of Apple and Doordash as well.
  11. REI. They are having a sale as well, although I'm pretty loaded up on gear. And if you are part of John Hancock Vitality, they give 20% off in addition to the 10% off for members. Sweet!

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