iOS: Continuity Camera Mounts

Wow, this is one of those features that I thought was useless, but now this is super useful. As a reminder Continuity Camera is a feature where you can use the really good backside cameras of an iPhone instead of the crappy camera inside your MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro is the near perfect laptop, but one thing lacking is the FaceTime camera. Because it is in the thin bezel, it doesn’t have lots of resolution, but you when you place your iPhone near your Mac in Lanscape mode, it magically appears as a camera and then if you turn the iPhone around, it drops into Continuity mode and you can do things like walk around a room and you stay in view. Plus the camera is so much better that the image just looks great. It also has much better portrait detection since it has the ability to estimate distances with the multiple lens at the back.

Since it appears a regular camera, you can also use it anywhere you Insert a Photo so it’s great for scanning documents when you have a Mac and want to say take a photo for Notes.

But one thing that is missing is how to do you actually mount the camera. I just prop it up, but as usual, where there is a need, there is an Amazon source, so there are now Continuity Camera Mounts.

The nicest one is only at Apple Stores right now, but Belkin has a MagSafe iPhone Mount for MacBook adapter so you can put it at the top for $30. It doesn’t seem to charge the device though

There are lots of varants of things like this, so for instance, there is a plastic thingy where you can put an actual MagSafe adapter in there, so that it mounts and you can also keep the phone charged at the same time so you can put a MContinuity Camera Mount for MacBook Air, Pro Compatible with Magsafe for iPhone 14/ 13/ 12 Series, iPhone Webcam Mount for iOS 16 & macOS Ventura you want or just use a magnetic plate to attach it for $20.

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