apps: The confusion that is between Microsoft Alumni 365 and Xbox Live

OK, every year, I get a new key from the Microsoft Alumni. This is a nice benefit (although I confess I don’t use Office that much), but I can never remember how to use the key, so here’s a quick guide:

  1. You go to the Microsoft Alumni site and you request a family sharing key. You have to do this each year as it is a different one.
  2. You request one and then wait a few days and hopefully, that site will appear with your product code.
  3. Then you go to the Microsoft 365 site and log in. One confusion is that I have an email account that is both for a group and a personal account. This only seems to work for the personal account.
  4. Then you get there and enter the product key.
  5. Then you need to make sure your family is there on the list. You can have up to six family members and they each need an email account with a Microsoft login.
  6. Then for xBox, you buy that at the Microsoft company store. So you need to get your Microsoft company store login from the Microsoft site and buy it.
  7. Then you add it to your Xbox account.

I know I’ll be referring to this every year 🙂

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