home: Roborock S8 available at $150 or so off

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home: Roborock S8 available at $150 or so off

The new Roborock S8 and S8+ and now are available and there is an initial sale where the S8 which the version without a dustbin. The S8+ adds $200 to get a dustbin that you don't have to empty every time. And the S8 Ultra is $1600 and has a mop system where you don't have to refill it.

Since this technology is evolving so quickly and our house doesn't get that dirty, the basic S8 which at introduction is $150 off or $600 seems like a good deal. You can also get them at Walmart and Amazon.

I'm really interested to see if the higher suction and the two rollers are going to make a good difference and see how well the mop works as we don't get things too dirty


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