web: Google Slides with Videos on Zoom must use Chrome

OK, if you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know presenting things on Zoom is usually a chore, the main issue is that if you have to show a video and you want it to be indexed, that is you just want to show a segment, Google Slides has this great feature which is start and stop at a specific point.

The first trick is to use Presenter Mode in Google Slides, this gets rid of all the extra screen elements. Do this before you choose to share in Zoom though.

But the problem is that if you use Safari to do this when you try to play, it just starts at the very start of the video. It turns out that this is a bug in Safari, if you use Chrome (or Brave), then you basically have to wait a few seconds for the video to spool and then you can go full screen (there’s an icon on the lower right that has this).

Remember you want to go full screen because Zoom is 720p maximum, so you need as many pixels as you can. The frame rate is a maximum of 15 fps judging by the Preferences > Stats view, so real video is not going to look very good. You do have to go to Zoom Settings and make sure the Video tab has HD enabled to get this. While you are there you might as well enable Low Light in Auto and Touch Up Appearance (for a beauty filter).

Also, note that there is a sticky toggle when you first share to share audio and optimize for video. If you do set those, you can turn on the audio selectively in the application.

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