buy: Amazon Prime Day haul list on Kindles and Eufy

Wow, what a great two days Amazon Prime was this year. Normally, I don’t find many things to buy, but this year, I see, but here is a post-mortem on discounts

iPad, Anker chargers Sales are not really sales

I got really excited when I saw iPads for sale, but the $100 discount is actually their normal price. At least the $399 for an iPad 10th generation (2022 version) with WiFi only and 64GB was the same before and after. It pays to use AppleInsider Price Guide to check stuff like this.

Same with the Anker 523 (which is a very nice Nano 3 charger) or Anker 726, it is $24 and $30 respectively all the time, but it is a great charger

Kindle Sales are real, the Kindle Scribe was $25 off

Wow, the big advantages are with Amazon-supplied gear, really you shouldn’t buy Kindles out of the sales cycle. As an example the 10″ Kindle Scribe is nice for reading research papers compared with the Kindle White is normally $339 and we got it for $85 off which is pretty good for $254 at 25% off.

euFY Security S220 Pan & Tilt

This is another thing that is normally $55 for an S220 but was a whopping $38 off for $30, I wish I had bought more not like I need them, but still.

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