app: Google Slides multi-select and Slide View on iDevice and remove bullets

Man, I’ve been using Google Slides for years and there are two things I’ve never been able to figure out. The first has to do with the many differences between the Web app and the iPad/iPhone. There are many things that have bothered me, but the biggest one is multiple selection (and the related align and distribution). The iPad and iPhone are definitely powerful enough, so why don’t they support them I don’t know, but it turns out you can do multiple selections. it’s just very unintuitive

Here is what you do to do multiple selection, put your finger on some part of the screen and hold it there. After a while (a few seconds), a blue box appears and you can drag it over items and they will be selected. You still can’t align and distribute but at least you can move and delete. There is a group function as well if you long press on an objects.

Second, if you want to move slides around, how you do that, you have to long press on the icon of the slide at the bottom, after a few seconds, the menus change at the top and you can cut/copy and paste if you just wait for it. Oh and you can move things

Removing Bullets in Google Slid

OK, this one is also super confusing, but to deal with bullets, the key is that you can actually select all the bullets by clicking on the bullet and you will see it turn on with a blue background, then the bullet icon in the toolbar also lights up and you can click on it, the bullet menu doesn’t have None entry, so you have to do the selection first. I know right?!!

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