To make work via Homebridge to Apple Home is a little bit complicated. The main issue is that even when you install the Homebridge Plugin for, you also have to find the 2 Factor Authentication cookie and put that into the user interface.

The way to do this is pretty obscure, nearly as bad as making MiHome work. But basically:

  1. Login to with a browser
  2. Then you have to figure out how to dig cookies out of your browser
  3. For Safari, you have to turn on the Developer menu by going to Safari > Settings > Advanced, and at the bottom you will see Show Developer Menu
  4. Now you have to find the Cookies section which is buried in Safari > Developer > Show Web Console > Storage > Cookies
  5. Now go through the table of the many cookies and look for twoFactorAuthenticationId which should be a 64-character hex string of numbers and letters.
  6. Squirrel this away in 1Password and be careful

Enter into Homebridge and add those cookies

Now you go to your Homebridge and then start the Homebridge plugin and then enter that cookie. I’ve actually found this works pretty well. I can see alerts from the system in Apple Home. It is not quite at the level of fully automated and I dearly wish that the whole function was just a app but this works decently well.

We still have working as a monitored service, but theoretically, since all the various points are visible in Apple Home, we could get away with just alerts there.

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