web: Got $5 from browsing with Brave Rewards

Well, it took six months to figure out how to do it, but Brave has this feature where they throw up ads and then pay you in their own coin and it is complicated to get this running and to get the money out. Here are the steps:

  1. Load the Brave browser. This browser does ad work and is chromium so it works very well.
  2. Brave Rewards. Click on the icon in the toolbar which is called Brave Rewards and turn off Auto Contribute, this will accumulate their coin called Brave Attention Tokens (BAT)
  3. Gemini. Now you need to create a Gemini account and link it to Brave.
  4. How do I withdraw USD from my Gemini account?. They use Plaid to link a bank account to the Gemini. It would help if you had this because they won’t allow the sale of BAT to dollars and a withdrawal unless you are verified and using ACH. Probably because PayPal charges for this. They charge a dollar transaction fee, so you probably don’t want to do this until you have say $25 to minimize but as a test, I just tried to transfer the $5.
  5. Plaid linking only works with Safari. Note that I couldn’t actually get the various popup windows blockers on Brave, but this did work on Safari so take note.

So if you are still using

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