tech: USB C Magnetic Adapter and LED Display

flat lay shot of a selfie stick and a usb cable

tech: USB C Magnetic Adapter and LED Display

Well, the good old USB C cables are getting a bit of a makeover, there are two innovations that are just great:

  1. CableCreation USB C Cables with LED Displays. Given the very many charging levels that you have, it is really handy to have an LED display on them. I've been looking at a bunch of them and unfortunately, they only support USB 2 data rates (480Mbps), but they can support 100W of power.
  2. DuHeSin USB C Magnetic Adapter. I've been a little careful of these as a bad connection could be really bad, but these support the full 24-pins of USB C, so they can handle 140W power delivery and up to 40GBps USB4 and Thunderbolt 3/4 speeds. They seem to work well although expensive. The main thing to decide is what kind of connector you need. They are straight which works well for laying flat when they are on a table. But if you have say a PC on a stand, then the elbow connectors work better since you can point them out. you can point them down. Finally, the is a U-connector which is good if you want to hide the cable behind something thin like an iPad. The more expensive ones are $13.50 each, so keep that in mind, but I think something with good magnets and which don't short is really important.
  3. Cable Matters 48Gbps USB C to HDMI 2.1 Adapter Supporting 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz HDR - Thunderbolt 4 to HDMI 2.1 Adapter, HDMI 2.1 to USB C Adapter - Ma. This is a short cable that works well, it let's you get the full 4K120 or 8K60 HDR on your displays. And its small too.

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