wp: New fix for redis max memory worked!

It took a while for all this to propagate, but looking at the Digital Ocean plots, you can see what was happening was lots of thrashing as the redis cached into the disk-based swapfile. While the memory load remains high at nearly 100%, you can see the CPU utilization has dropped from 75% to more like 20% when it is idle with peaks at 50%.

Also, you can see the Disk I/O has shrunk a lot from 50-200MBps to basically zero. So hopefully you don’t misconfigure redis as I did. The net is that my page load speeds have shrunk from nine seconds to more like three seconds. The biggest problem right now is loading the Mastodon posts, but the Friends plugin doesn’t seem to cause much load.

And I’m discontinuing tooting to Mastodon as I will just like this and use WordPress as a Mastodon client in effect (more on that in the next post)

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