tech: More Benchmarking of Disks on Intel Mac

Since I did the whole series of benchmarks on a MacBook Pro 2021, I was curious what the performance is on the MacBook Pro 2017 Intel Mac, so here’s the test series

MacBook Pro 2017
Razor Thunderbolt Dock
MBps (R/W)
FullConnectionSequential QD32Rand 4KiB
Onboard 1TB SSD80%NVMe2,745/389441/60
ThunderBay 8 RAID10
8 x 12TB Toshiba
98%Thunderbolt 4 40GBps763/2869/5
Rocketstor 5212
Seagate X16 16TB x 2
93%Thunderbolt 4 to 2 Adapter
Thunderbolt 2 10Gbps
Startech SATA2USB3
Samsung EVO Pro 1TB
74%ASMT 1051 5Gbps303/26347/23
Startech SATA2USB3
Samsung EVO Pro 512GB
12%ASMT 1051 5Gbps288/28141/16
Running all the interconnect you see how terrible the RAID arrays are

I’m not really sure why the benchmarks for the ThunderBay and Rocketstor was so bad, but I suspect being 98% and 93% full means lots of disk fragmentation. I can’t really clean these up, but I think the sequential is probably closer to the mark for their performance. Certainly getting 763MBps read from a RAID10 array seems good as we should be getting 4 disks at 200-300MBps each if there was no overhead, but the random is pretty bad.

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