scan: new Vuescan Multicrop vs. Cropped Area, Image Type, and Loud Buzzing fixes

I’m not quite sure what I did, but when upgrading from Vuescan 9.8.27 to 9.8.28, my Minolta DiMage 5400 developed some major problems. On initialization, it would just emit a horrible buzzing (as a motor is just flailing away). This is a 20-year-old piece of hardware, so I think I just might have to get a new scanner, but strangely when I reset everything and reloaded 9.8.27, it just worked fine. I sent them a note.

Don’t turn on Crop | Multicrop for Negatives

Also, I thought I had an error because suddenly the Cropped area on the right (a really nice new feature) disappeared, and couldn’t find any way to move from one frame of a 35mm scan at all. There used to be arrows at the bottom to do this but no longer.

By running a series of set default options, I found the problem, there is a conflict between Crop | Multicrop and the automatic Cropped Area feature. Multicrop lets you take a single image and divide it, but when it does that the automatic appearance disappears, so it will scan all the negatives, but only the last would appear. This makes some sense because Multicrop will create new sub-images, but it is confusing.

The answer is that you should turn off Multicrop and then all the thumbnails appear. Also hats off to them for implementing automatic rotation

You do have to turn Multicrop on though for scanning photos then it works correctly. That is, it will chop the different photos up and create a cropped area. Sort of confusing the two different scanners need different things set.

Input | Media | Auto guessing wrong

OK, the new automatic input is supposed to guess if you have a slide or whatever, I’ve found that about 10% of the time it guesses wrong and you see a negative (it is guessing the Color slide). So I have to turn this to Media Color Negative and it works. Or you can just wait for a strange one and manually change it.

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