rt1: Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

An interview with Devindra about the future education in the world of ChatGPT and Large Language Models. Show Notes A conversation with Devindra on the possibilities of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models for education in India and other Middle and Low-Income Countries. While these large language models today mainly work in the cloud and […]

pt5. ChatGPT and Mike Conte Special Guest (And Tech Glitches Galore)

This time, we bumble through an episode featuring the amazing Mike Conte and we talk about what’s wrong with this Podcast technically (see below), about ChatGPT, and about how you don’t want to show others the Money. Mike is as always hilarious! Ok, our exploration of Podcasting continues with tech glitches galore. First of all […]

pt4: ChatGPT4 miracle for education and programming

What an amazing time actually using ChatGPT4, try the prompt, “how do I use Apple Motion to disassemble and reassemble a box”. Or “Use ROS2 to have a robot drive in a rectangle around Seattle, Washington”. Beware of what happens if GPT4 jail breaks itself and what a Red Team is for and I hope […]

PT3. SVB Nightmare and ChatGPT Dreams

This was written in the deep despair of dealing with the SVB Closure. It still has some great tips on how to make sure your money is safe, but thankfully as I’m sure most of you know the Treasure Department stepped in to get a full return of capital to uninsured depositors. Show Notes Whew, […]

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