Pod. Well cool, making your own Video Page

I spent too much time getting my YouTube playlists in order, but its useful to have booked marked tutorials and things since so much content is there now.

The basic WordPress supports in the Guttenberg Block Editor, just the embedding of a single YouTube Video. You just copy a link in and it appears which is great! The name of this Block is called YouTube or if you want your entire channel, then you can use the Smash Balloons one.

I have the Smash Balloons plugin but this only supports channels and not Playlist for free, and it works great to host our YouTube Channel and it is called YouTube Feed and it lets you have your personal channel page. This is basically all your playlists accumulated in one place and you then get a shortcode. Or you can use the Gutenberg Block, Feeds for YouTube.

The third Plugin I tried is the Embed which as a huge number of settings (pretty scary) as YouTube Free plugin and then you get a Gutenberg Block called YouTube Wizard and it is much more flexible than Smashing Balloons, you can include Playlists like this one for Alex:

YouTube player

You can include things like music I like which is a gallery, overall pretty useful and I’m going to make my own Video page as a result.

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