Blackberry 8120 and 8139

It’s been a year since the original Blackberry Pearl came out, so of course its time for an update. The new Blackberry 8120 and “8130”:,C101,P625#tab_tab_features finally gives you a 2 megapixel camera that is on the Curve. Also there is the “8120”:,C101 that is launching in the UK. The big changes seem to be that […]

Blackberry Pearl Trackball cleaning

Mary and a couple of other folks have told me that their Blackberry Pearl trackball doesn’t roll right anymore. This is another casualty of progress as the sidewheel of the old Blackberry was very reliable. Apparently, you have to very delicately remove the thing and clean the lint out. It is horrible to imagine how […]

Blackberry Curve 8300 Chinese Input

Blackberry finally has the Chinese input for the new Curve. “CSL”: has the download. As a reminder, you install this and then you go to # c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader # delete vendor.xml # run the desktop manager and then select the application loader Powered by ScribeFire.

Blackberry for Mac

If you have a Blackberry, you know about the dreaded Desktop Manager, so what can you do for the Mac. turns out there is a freeware utility called “PocketMac”: that lets you sync the Mac to Entourage, the Mac Address book, the Mac mail program and also lets you sync to iCal. The most important […]

Blackberry Curve MicroSD and Bluetooth Headset

Ok, the biggest problem with these new phones is that they don’t come with the accessories you really need (something I’m sure the iPhone will do right). So what do you need with the curve, check the “8300 forum”: for great information: * 4GB MicroSD card. The manual says they can only handle 2GB, but […]

Blackberry Games

Blackberry has a few free games on “”:, but “pinstack”: has a bunch more with Tetris being the coolest. You can also get free Java games from “”: powered by performancing firefox

Blackberry Music and Video Codecs

Here is what the blackberry can playback according to “Pinstack”: and there is a freeware encoder for video that “Pinstack”: recommends. h3. Music The following Audio formats (including extensions) are supported: – ACC – audio compression formats AAC, AAC+, and EAAC+ – AMR – Adaptive Multi Rate-Narrow Band (AMR-NB) speech coder standard Supported AMR-NB rates […]

Blackberry Pearl Tips and Tricks

“Pinstack”: has an amazingly helpful list of things for the Pearl. The biggest and the incredibly bizarre keyboard shortcuts. They aren’t intuitive anymore because the keyboard is so much smaller. Keyboard Shortcuts Basic Shortcuts The following shortcuts can be used in many applications: – To move the cursor, roll the trackball. – To exit a […]

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