DST 2007 Patches for Blackberry

What a pain, this shift in Daylight Savings Time has burned more IT cycles for less benefit than anything I can remember. In any case, a Blackberry is completely messed up, so check “Blackberry”:http://www.blackberry.com/DST2007/patch/index2.shtml for the patching needed. You have to download something to your PC and then sync it to your blackberry. And the […]

Transaction error – Decryption Error

Connie has exactly this problem right now. In reading this long thread, it looks like the keys are somehow out of sync. Folks have tried installing a new version of the desktop manager, deleting all the service books and reregistering and sometimes that fixes it. Others have just tried regenerating these keys. So, I guess […]

Blackberry Unlocked or from Carrier

!>http://onlinestorez.cingular.com/cell-phone-service/images/equip/medium/medium_blackberry_8700.jpg!:http://mpire.com/buyers/results.page?query=blackberry+8700+unlocked Right now the carriers are only giving a $100 rebate on Blackberrys, so if you are going to use it and don’t want to get locked into a plan, it makes more sense to use “mpire”:http://mpire.com/buyer/results.page?query=blackberry+8700+unlocked+ to find one. I see one for $400 right now, whereas “Cingular”:http://onlinestorez.cingular.com/cell-phone-service/cell-phones/cell-phones.jsp?q_sortOrder=Price&RFlow=A&source=INC230056&zip=98004 has a similarly new one for […]

Blackberry Sync Revealed

Blackberry has just about the strangest user interface for synchronization I’ve ever seen. They don’t seem to document it anywhere that I can find. Here is what I’ve learned: The synchronization interface is completely different for mail vs. calendar vs. tasks/memos. It seems like they did these at different times, so figuring out how to […]

Mobile Blackberry site

!>http://mobile.blackberry.com/mss/content/home/images/screen_home.jpg!:http://mobile.blackberry.com Well, it is almost impossible to discover, but Blackberry has for its latest models running Blackberry OS 4.1 a very cool site that free games, ringtones and other such stuff. It called “mobile.blackberry.com”:http://mobile.blackberry.com and for some reason is buried in the help menu. The best way is to type it into your blackberry browser […]

Rebooting Your Blackberry

Hat tip to the folks at “Blackberrycool.com”:http://www.blackberrycool.com/2005/03/15/00275/ for these tips that give you the equivalent of CTRL-ALT-DEL for your Blackberry: * If you have a 72xx, 75xx or 77xx then if the Blackberry crashes, you get back by holding ALT+CAP+DEL to reboot the device if you have Blackberry software V3.x or earlier. These are usually […]

Blackberry Back From the Dead

I thought I had completely bricked Connie’s 7100. But thanks to the wonderful folks at T-mobile (double credit for helping me, really bad that it isn’t just on the web), I got it back. To review, I was installing new firmware, when I got, the dreaded, installation failed from the desktop manager and when I […]

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