Kerio vs. Exchange for Entourage, Mac OS X, iPhone and Blackberry

Well we’ve narrowed down choices to two choices, two hosters against one of three desktop and two mobile clients. Here are the parameters: Support for either of, in order: * Mac OS X application. That is Mail, iCal and Address Book that are native to OS X and which is fast. * Entourage 2004 or […]

Copying Entourage calendars, contacts and mail to a new Exchange Server

Amazingly there is nothing really on the web that is concise about how you copy Entourage calendars from one identity to another. For instance, if you are like me migrating from one Exchange installation to another that is, in my case hosted, then how do you do it. Here’s a quick guide: # Start Entourage […]

Arrgh Sync problems from Address Book to iPhone

So at least I got Entourage to suck down vCards. When you have 7,000 of them, you take address Book, highlight all the cards and then choose File/Export/vCards. This creates a massive 2MB vCard file. Open Entourage and drag and drop it into the contacts window. Be careful though, Entourage gives no visual feedback that […]

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