Amazingly there is nothing really on the web that is concise about how you copy Entourage calendars from one identity to another. For instance, if you are like me migrating from one Exchange installation to another that is, in my case hosted, then how do you do it. Here’s a quick guide:

# Start Entourage in the usual way. Click to address book and choose calendar view/all events. This shows a list of all events. Copy all of this on Exchange server to your local computer. You need to do this because Entourage’s archive inexplicably doesn’t deal with calendar and contact data on the server, only with whats on the local store. *Warning: the drag and drop is going to be very, very, very slow, so you want to first Select All, then click and hold the mouse for a long time, you should see the items become blueish and then you can drag and you should see a + sign emerge. If you don’t want a long time, you could do the drag and get the data replicated four times or so which is what happened to me, remember Entourage is an amazingly slow, slow, slow program, so pretend like its an old 8088. It will also take about 20 minutes for 2500 calendar entries to copy and an hour or so for 7200 contacts, so be very patient.”
# Same thing with contacts. Click on contacts and drag them all to the local “On My Computer” contacts. One strange thing about Entourage is that it has two sets of contacts and calendars. One on Exchange and the other on the server.
# With mail messages, something very different happens, when you choose import, Entourage copies all the mail messages from all Exchange server folders and mounts them in your directory, so you just need to drag and drop to copy all the message over to the new Exchange server.
# Now do a File/Export as archive of all this. This should
# Now do a switch identity, which frankenstein switches you to the new world. Create the new Exchange identity.
# Choose File/Import and pick the archive. This stuffs everything into yet another “On My Computer”
# Now copy the calendar to the new Exchange calendar, the contacts to the new Exchange contacts and the do the same for the mail.
# You can now delete all the On My Computer data
# Switch identities and do the same for that things On My Computer.

2 responses to “Copying Entourage calendars, contacts and mail to a new Exchange Server”

  1. idiotboy Avatar

    Thanks very much for this.. I was baffled on how to do it, but reading the first paragraph it just clicked. Thanks again!

    1. rich Avatar

      Glad it was helpful. this stuff is complicated!

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