Little Kitchen stocking stuffers from gloves to mandolins

(Ok, post election but still stressed, so more posts of random junk.) But if you want to round out your kitchen, Cooks Illustrated (subscription required) has some great recommendations: Mercer’s Culinary MercerGuard Cut Glove. So this is a thin glove that keeps you from cutting yourself accidentally. Great for mandolines in particular but also for […]

Beware of Mobile Sidewalk!

Beware of theses guys at “Mobile sidewalk”: a buddy of mine, Brian, told me about them, I browsed their site and then they asked me for my mobile number. Little did I realize that they would start charging me $10/month via T-mobile for a service I never used. Amazing that folks can get away with […]

Inflight Power Recharges through audio jack

Another in a set of clever ideasInflight Power Recharger Cables Finally you can power your handheld device while in-flight from your coach passenger seat! What it does is take the power that comes out of the headphone jack and converts it into a USB power outlet. So you can charge your cell phone or your […]

Eagle Creek 0-50W Transformer

!,1&hei=249&wid=249!: I wish I had this right now. It is a very small transformer that takes 220 and makes it 110V. Everything I own *except* for my Philips Ultrasonic toothbrush is 120-220V. Philips, get a clue. Otherwise, get this $15 thing. If you buy two from eBags, you even get free shipping. Eagle Creek 0-50 […]

Sonicare Registration

Sonicare Registration. These are really great toothbrushes, if you read the fine print, you’ll see that this online registration gets you some coupons. Just make sure to opt out of getting email spam from Philips. With a few mouse clicks, you can register your Sonicare toothbrush right now and receive by email $27.99 worth of […]

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