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Update on installing Chinese input on Blackberry

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Well, I keep referring to my “own”:https://www.tongfamily.com/gadgets/blackberry/chinese_blackberry_and_cingular_blackberry.php page that explains how to install Chinese input on the Blackberry. The two main steps that work for Blackberry 8700 and 8300 Curves is: * “Hong Kong CSL”:https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=EEFC9E10EBDC4A2333B42B2DBB8F27B6 is still after two years the easiest way to get the Chinese versions. These are not multilingual. Chinese is handled…

Compact Florescent Light Bulb Guide

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There are zillion new CFLs around and it is so confusing. “Popular Mechanics”:http://www.popularmechanics.com/home_journal/home_improvement/4215199.html did a review of them that seems to be the only up to date one. Going to Loews was so confusing. They cost between $1-$12 each and the lifetimes, colors and so forth seem so different. Here’s a quick summary: * CFLs…

Time Machine Slow Initial Backup

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We’ve found Time Machine incredibly, incredibly slow on the initial backup. Even with gigabit ethernet, it would backup may 3GB after 2 hours. With the way we use machines at work, it would just start over all the time. “Macrumors.com”:http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=379066 has some advice about what to do: * Turn off Time Machine * If you…

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