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Little Kitchen stocking stuffers from gloves to mandolins

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(Ok, post election but still stressed, so more posts of random junk.) But if you want to round out your kitchen, Cooks Illustrated (subscription required) has some great recommendations: Mercer’s Culinary MercerGuard Cut Glove. So this is a thin glove that keeps you from cutting yourself accidentally. Great for mandolines in particular but also for…

Beware of Mobile Sidewalk!

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Beware of theses guys at “Mobile sidewalk”:http://www.mobilesidewalk.com/ a buddy of mine, Brian, told me about them, I browsed their site and then they asked me for my mobile number. Little did I realize that they would start charging me $10/month via T-mobile for a service I never used. Amazing that folks can get away with…

Eagle Creek 0-50W Transformer

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!http://a1472.g.akamaitech.net/f/1472/124/4h/img.ebags.com/is/image/im5/50645_1_1?&op_sharpen=1&qlt=80,1&hei=249&wid=249!:http://www.ebags.com/eagle_creek/0_50_transformer/product_detail/index.cfm?modelid=50645. I wish I had this right now. It is a very small transformer that takes 220 and makes it 110V. Everything I own *except* for my Philips Ultrasonic toothbrush is 120-220V. Philips, get a clue. Otherwise, get this $15 thing. If you buy two from eBags, you even get free shipping. Eagle Creek 0-50…