Beware of theses guys at “Mobile sidewalk”: a buddy of mine, Brian, told me about them, I browsed their site and then they asked me for my mobile number. Little did I realize that they would start charging me $10/month via T-mobile for a service I never used.

Amazing that folks can get away with this kind of stuff since it is at the bottom of a bill that you’d never notice. T-mobile is super (unlike Cingular, arrgh, those guys are just terrible, I’m still fighting over bills for the last three months) in blocking them, so if you head to this site, don’t give them anything!

2 responses to “Beware of Mobile Sidewalk!”

  1. Web Sleuth Avatar

    To get rid of Moblie Sidewalk, ready any message they send you, hit “Reply” and type stopall exactly that way, no spaces, and send it. : )

  2. UltraClassic1947 Avatar

    I too was taken in by Mobile Sidewalk. The offer of a free ringtone lured me to their site. Just registering automatically actiavted a $9.99 per month charge to my Verizon cell bill. I called the toll free number to cancell and only got a recording. I left messages too, but saw no action by MS. I complained to Verizon, but they say they can’t do anything because it’s a third party billing. If Verizon was MC or Visa the charge would be gone by now. This is a stinging lesson. It’s been two months and counting. I threatened to cancell my cell, and that could well be the answer.

    If anyone has success in getting out of this program, I’d like to know how you did it.


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