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Flight Simulators

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I’m getting back to flight simulators after a long hiatus. Here’s a list of things to try: * FlightGear Flight Simulator. This is an open source project with realistic flight models and an open way to get everything. It doesn’t have the latest graphics, but is supposed to be very accurate. * “Falcon 4.0: Allied…

Battlefield 2

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!>http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2003/all/boxshots2/920407_61465.jpg! Battlefield 2 Reviews. All eyes wait as Battlefield 2 is coming out. I liked Battlefield 1942 although it is more like a shoot-em-up vs. a realistic simulator like Full Spectrum Warrior or Ghost Recon. To me, the fun stuff is the more realistic, but to each his own.


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AnandTech: Price Guides, April 2005: Video Cards bq. Considering the fact that we were recommending X800XL video cards over GeForce 6800GTs a month ago, and the Radeons took a nose dive in price, we would be ridiculous to not call the X800XL cards our top graphics card pick this month. We do commend NVIDIA for…