Yeastar S412 IP-PBX for noobs

I’m not anywhere close to a phone expert, although about 1.5M years ago, I worked in a phone company, so at least I know what a Ring Group is and Ingress, etc. So with an old Panasonic Keyphone system at work (which is a baby Private Branch Exchange or PBX), I had the job of […]

Getting Mail to work properly from WordPress

Well this has always been a little bit of a mystery to me. When you work with WordPress, it eventually does like to send mail to folks as an administrator. How do you make this work. If you are using Amazon AWS Lightsail, the default Bitnami image has something called WP Mail SMTP preloaded. You […]

Gmail not activated for Gsuite because of high load

Ok file this in the department of strange things. With so many people working from home Gsuite is just jammed. In bringing up a new Gsuite account (for yet another company), I ended up in a strange loop. I would login to gmail and it would say “This account does not have Mail activated” and […]

Bootstrap Multisite WordPress on AWS Lightsail

I wrote one on how to do this with Digital Ocean Multisite WordPress, but if you are on AWS, then you have some different options for Lightsail which is the easiest option. The instructions are really confusing, but basically, you use the Lightsail instructions to get it running and to get Route53 configured and then […]

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