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Slack Hacking

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Well, I use Slack a lot particularly for development projects. The integrations really make the difference. That said it is a super quirky application because it sprays settings across the mobile and web application. It’s confusing because they have two completely different technology sets (even in the 2020s!) so that (like Zoom), some settings are…

Clausewitz Study Guide.

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Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides. Bibliomania is a great free study guide. Don’t understand the business model, but am sure glad it is there. Here’s useful quote for someone defending their turf: Not only reason but experience, in hundreds and thousands of instances, show that a well-traced, sufficiently manned, and well-defended entrenchment is,…

Quotes from Sun Tzu, Clauswitz and others

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Like Zagula, I’ve been collecting quotes and thoughts like mad. Here are some good sources: * Library Sun Tzu The Art of War and Strategy Site by Sonshi.com.. . Besides Sun Tzu, he’s got most of the other classic military thinkers like “Clausewitz’:http://www.sonshi.com/clausewitz.html * “Web Wargaming”:http://www.webwargaming.com/. While doing this, I found someone who wrote a…