I’ve been futzing with social networks for a while. After all if they’ve got score like Waze, Yelp, or Foodspotting or follower counts like twitter, Facebook or Instagram, might as well be good at it 🙂
Like frequent flyer points (I love thepointsguy.com!) I’m sure there are optimizes but lately I’ve noticed every cross posts to everything else.
So how can u maximize things so u get the maximum cross post per click.
Well first, from Facebook, u can have it automatically send twitter posts, so as long as u get to Facebook ur set.
Since everything posts to Facebook, seems obvious u shouldn’t post directly buy through another app
Here are the choices

  • WordPress. With jetpack, it automatically posts to Facebook and twitter for that matter. This keeps the clicks for yourself but doesn’t give u any social network “points”. Still it is nice to have a high ranking blog. While on the road the WordPress app lets u upload photos and so forth.
  • Foodspotting. My current passion is food shots as it is hard to get in trouble. This automatically posts to Facebook and twitter if u want a direct post
  • For non foodie shots, if say Instagram is easy and u get Instagram and Facebook credit. Plus twitter as well if u need it
  • Waze. With Waze u get credit for driving. Just leave it on in the background and traffic reports to to Facebook but be careful if u don’t want someone to track all your driving so easily. I use just for speed trap reports on my Portland to Seattle milk runs
  • Yelp. Another great one for reviews and getting to elite. Tips post to Facebook. Wish i could get foodspotting to post to yelp automatically. Sigh.

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