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It’s really 3-stars for food but 5-stars for ice cream

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This is a pretty typical pub food place with OK hambergers and hot dogs. the best thing about it is that it is close to the Riverwalk park, so easy to get to.

The real treat though is the ice cream shop that is connected and kind of part of the it. The portions are generous and it is just the thing for a typical 100 degree Chelan day. Try the waffle cones, they seem to always be fresh.

No visit to chelan is complete without a visit to Slidewaters…

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OK, it ain’t the biggest water park nor the most exciting, but as a family-oriented place that doesn’t feel commercial, it is hard to beat. By noon on any sunny day it is incredibly crowded, but we’ve been there when it is raining and its great.

The key is to get there by 9:45, so you are the first folks in the door. Normally, they have a separate line if you have cash, so make sure you have $15 per person and you will fly in. We get all our rides in by 11AM it seems.

There are a total of ten slides and they are all different and fun. The most amazing is the Purple Haze, which is a completely pitch black and I mean black slide where you go down the tube, you go this way and that. Water splashes everywhere, you can barely breath and then you come shooting out just a millisecond after you see a dim light. Then if you are seven years old, you laugh and go running back up the hill. If you are any older, you collapse shaking. It’s a great experience. really!

They have a set of slides where can go down head first and race. Alex thinks the heaviest person wins, but we’ve seen some great technique. A great team sport. The center slide features four with different layouts that are fun to disentangle.

There is also a gigantic hot tub to warm up in and a great kiddy area with slides from 3 feet to 30 feet tall for the little ones. They have a nice snack bar and we normally get there at 10 and can be out by 2PM feeling just great!

Blueberrys, blueberrys everywhere

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This is literally at the top of the hill at the end of the road in Lake Chelan. They have a U-Pick blueberry place that is super fun, although this late in August, there are very few of those little blue delights left. The restaurant is awesome and nearly always crowded for breakfast/lunch.

The setup is a little strange, you grab a table with some of your party, then have another person stand in line to order. The food is very fast though, so don’t worry about waiting forever and the portions are enormouse.

Things to try are the blintz’s which really shouldn’t be called morning food. Also the waffles. Sadly, they don’t make pancakes. The mexican eggs (I’ve forgotten the name) are delicious and very authentic. The two eggs and ham are really good as well.

And make sure not to leave without forking over the $15 for a homemade mixed berry or blueberry pie!

Pick Casual or Formal

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We’ve been to Campbell’s for both casual upstairs which is mainly bar food and also the more formal dining below. It’s not 5-star elegant, but the upstairs has a nice view and its fun to see the whole city move below you.

The more formal place isn’t pretentious, but it is nice to have one place with linen table cloths in this town where you can live the whole week in your bathing suit :_)

Quick eats in Chelan

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Just got back from Chelan. What an incredible place in terms of sun and fun. It is *the* place if you like things with motors on the water. For good hearty dinner that isn’t too fancy, try The Hungry Belly. Its in a strip mall and doesn’t look the part, but it is across the street from the Don Mason Beach and the food is good and simple.

The place has just a few tables, but you can order takeout and meander over to the Park and enjoy dinner by the water.

The kids like the Teriyaki chicken. The portions are giganic, so be ready to take something home. I had the Phad Thai which didn’t resemble anything you’d get at an authentic Thai restaurant but was good. The sauce was really heavy and too much, so if you get the Phad Thai ask for the sauce on the side.

Connie had the Caesar salad which was also fresh, but with way too much dressing, so you might want that on the side. The burgers were good and the french fries were really fried. The kids liked them, but I thought they were a little burned rather than just crispy.

Boat Rentals on Lake Chelan

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“Come to the Lake”:http://www.cometothelake.com/businesses_listing_boat_watercraft.html provides a good list: Chelan Parasailing & Watercraft Rentals 158 East Wapato Way P.O. Box 523 Manson, WA 98831 (509) 687-7245 Sharkey’s Watercraft & Snowmobile Rentals (509) 687-2312 or (509) 470-2468 Mid-May Thru September – rentals of personal watercraft, open bow family ski boats, and 24′ pontoon boat (10 person max)….