Argh. Google and MacOS authentication woes

Just spent an hour on a really frustrating problem with Google. What they did makes sense but the error messages are really hard to fathom TL:dr If you have MacOS Catalina and are trying to setup a gmail account on it. It doesn’t work the way you thjnk. Authentication now happens from Safari to get […]

Mac Mail has stuck messages in Outbox

Apple – Support – Discussions – Mail stuck in OUTBOX … The problem is a corrupt Outbox. I read about this onthe ATT trouble shooting site. Delete the Outbox andmail will create a new one. This solved my problem withemail sitting the Outbox forever and never being sent.To be safe, I dragged my Outbox to […]

MacBook Air reinstallation and hopefully Time Capsule transfer

OK, so I’ve completely wiped my MacBook Air, time to rebuild it. Here is a list of things that have to happen. Sure sounds Windows like doesn’t it 🙂 # Remote install Mac OS X. Sigh. This is going to take 4 hours over the air apparently # Try the “Time Capsule recovery”: which comes […]

Kerio vs. Exchange for Entourage, Mac OS X, iPhone and Blackberry

Well we’ve narrowed down choices to two choices, two hosters against one of three desktop and two mobile clients. Here are the parameters: Support for either of, in order: * Mac OS X application. That is Mail, iCal and Address Book that are native to OS X and which is fast. * Entourage 2004 or […]

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