Memorial Day Sales and buying HomePod, AirPod Pro

Well there are some decent Memorial Day sales, but when you are buying electronics, you also have to pay attention to obsolesce because sometimes the reason for the sale is that they are going to get rid of the product. So with that said, what are some pretty good deals here, so using the MacRumors […]

Macbook Air multitouch, remote disc and superdrive

OK some quick things on using a Macbook Air: * “Superdrive”: is a USB drive, but amazingly it only works with the Macbook Air. I don’t really understand that as it is just a USB device. Belongs in the, that’s crazy. Now of course, I don’t plan to use it anywhere else, but why did […]

Dead MacBook Pro with Flashing Question Mark

I had the classic, well it worked when I booted, but as soon as I wanted to do real work, it dies problem. Basically, when I try to start the MacBook Pro now, I get the grey screen and the startup chime. Then it sits there doing nothing (I can actually hear the click as […]

Small MacBook Pro Adapter MA938LL/A

I wish that they had shipped this smaller brick with the initial MacBooks, but at least you can buy a much smaller adapter for $80 in a few weeks… MacNN | Briefly: New MBP adapter, Duke/iPhone solved brief: Apple has begun shipping a new MagSafe power adapter for the MacBook Pro with the model number […]

Mac Book Pro 15″ First Impressions

Well, wandered over to the Apple store. They are an amazing retail experience. I’ve never seen such a crowded store. The people there are amazingly friendly. Ended up buying a Mac Book 15″ with 2.2 GHz and 120GB hard drive. This has the new LED screen that is supposed to be very color accurate. Lots […]

MacBook Pro refresh and Back to School Promotion

Hurray, now that the hardware is updated, its time to buy. There are lots of incremental improvements, but the biggest news is the LED-backlight in the 15.4″ and the upgrade to 1920×1200 on the 17″. Drool, drool. Also, you can now get a 250GB hard drive and 4GB of memory, so they are getting closer […]

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