Mac Long-running network shares use SMB and Finder connection problems

Ok I’m trying to do something a little crazy. I want a reliable way to copy things and maintain checksums on long term backups. It’s a project that I’ve done off an on for a long time and it is nearly done! Here are some notes: Rsync is a great utility for copying things. The […]

Making more space on your Mac 2020

Well, if you made a mistake, like me, of ordering a MacBook Pro with too little SSD. In this case 256GB is really too little, then you are going to spend a lot of time getting rid of stuff. With most Macs, if you are writing code, using Dropbox or Google Drive and Homebrew, you […]

Creating a RAID drive on MacOS

This is not the most obvious thing with any operating system, but it’s particularly confusing on the Mac. If you have some data that is really sensitive, then you want to create a RAID1 also known as a mirror set. This means that if you have two 16TB drives for instance, the system writes the […]

Argh. Google and MacOS authentication woes

Just spent an hour on a really frustrating problem with Google. What they did makes sense but the error messages are really hard to fathom TL:dr If you have MacOS Catalina and are trying to setup a gmail account on it. It doesn’t work the way you thjnk. Authentication now happens from Safari to get […]

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