Building a cool Haswell File Server

I haven’t built a machine in a while and have never built a dedicated file server box. So lots of great learnings from the exercise. We’ve used first Mac Mini with Drobo and then Synology (nice embedded product), but now it’s time to go all the way to Linux with ZFS so wish me luck. Here […]

The GTX 670 Overclocking Master-Guide

Well overclocking has gotten in much easier. The ASUS P8Z77-V includes a utility that does overclocking for you automagically. And with parts like the Intel iCore 5 3570K, it allows overclocking and even warranties for it. We got to 34% overclock (3.8GHz to 4.4GHz) at the CPU this way and the GPUs got from a […]

Gamers PC Blu Ray Player Samsung SE-506 or use digital downloads only

OK, I thought I could get away without an optical drive, but it is pretty clear that PC games are still delivered this way, so I still need some way to read them. Not everything is on Steam or downloadable yet (when will that be???). You do have to suffer with things like EA’s Origin […]

Gamer PC Fans Noiseblocker M12-S1

I’ve used the Nexus 120 SilentX fans for the last five years, but things always get better, so for quite a bit more money, you can get fans that are amazingly quiet and cool. just updated their reviews and liked: Noiseblocker M12-S1. It is expensive at $22 a pop, but unreal quiet spinning at only […]

Gamer PC Mouse Pads Razor Goliathus Control M

Gaming mouse pads. Wow talk about major specialty items, but if you’ve ever played a FPS then you know how important speed and accuracy is, so the Steelseries QcK and the Razor Vespula look good. On Amazon, the massively big Steelseries QcK Heavy, QcK+ have great reviews as does the the Razer Scarab Expert Hard  which is a little more […]

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