Canon Pro9000 printing on an Time Capsule

Just a reminder on how to print to a Canon Pro9000 via an Airport Extreme or a Time Capsule. This is actually tricky. You have to download the generic Canon IJ Printer ( This has pretty tight requirements: * Mac OS X v10.5.3* Latest version of Airport firmware* Pro9000osxcp10120ej7.dmg which is the version driver.

iPhone 3G Exchange setup

Got it! AT&T dropped shipped it. The least painful way in the US anyway to get it. Lines at Apple store are still 3 hours long. Apple is going to sell 3M in a week at this rate. In any case, things that are unclear are how to setup Exchange. It needs yet another site […]


Here is what I learned from Bruce about restaurants. He knows the folks are “Schultzy’s”: for quite a while now. He’s a smart guy: * Its a cash business. So if you aren’t there everyday, it is really easy for a liquor bottle to disappear or for an order not to get rung up and […]

United Promotions

Quick reminder, United has double EQM miles if you sign up by April 21. Also, if you use the “Mileage Plus Mall”:http://mponlinemallcom and use it to buy from Apple, you get one mile for each dollar on top of what your credit card gives you. For instance, with “Hertz”: if you use the Mileage Plus […]

American Double Miles

American Airlines is also offering lots of things like double miles and bonus for Chicago/Shanghai. You need to register, so go to and register away! And as a reminder United’s list is at,,1249,00.html and remember they have a double miles and most importantly, all flights on United Star Alliance now count towards getting […]

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