Canon Pro9000 printing on an Time Capsule

Canon Pro9000 printing on an Time Capsule

Just a reminder on how to print to a Canon Pro9000 via an Airport Extreme or a Time Capsule. This is actually tricky. You have to download the generic Canon IJ Printer (

This has pretty tight requirements:

* Mac OS X v10.5.3
* Latest version of Airport firmware
* Pro9000osxcp10120ej7.dmg which is the version driver.


  1. whoah. I was going to ask my husband to stop at the apple shop on the way home today and get a time capsule to solve two problems–backups and a Canon Pro9000 that I’ve been unable to reach through our netgear print server. This is the only real reference to a TC talking (or not talking) to a 9000 anywhere on the web. Since I’m running 10 .5.6 I’m going to re-think this purchase. We already have a useless print server–don’t need another….Thanks for the heads-up!

    1. Glad the note was useful. Took lots of spelunking to figure it out and it works like a charm now. The main trick is to use the “generic” Canon inkjet driver. The Pro9000 driver doesn’t work correctly. So it is OK to buy the Time Capsule. I have to say it is the most reliable thing I’ve used for network stuff in a long time. Linksys crashes a bunch with Macbooks. All the print server stuff seems very, very unreliable from traditional vendors. Most of the issues BTW are with Canon, not with Apple. Epson works fine. I actually wish I had flipped to Epson for high end photo printing. In the three way battle at the high end, right now it is Epson, Canon and then HP is a distant third in quality.

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