the complete camera kit

Someone was asking me, so I love 35mm and love photography, but if I’m jumping in as a serious photographer, how do I really get started. Well, here’s a quick guide if you’ve got the bucks for the best price/performance today: # Nikon D300. Just reviewed in Popular Photography, it is expensive at $1800 or […]

Macbooks in an Microsoft world

With the new Macbook Air, I’m trying to live life without having to install Parallels and Windows OfficeLife h2. Life without Windows Did that with Macbook Pro. Just loaded Mac Office 2004 and found that Entourage was a good enough Outlook replacement and that of course Word, Excel and PowerPoint were fine. The only thing […]

Red River Paper 68lb Glossy r1.0 on i9900

OK, I’ve been printing a bunch of 8×10 photos on Red River Paper for Calvin’s basketball team and it just comes out way too red despite all the color matching. Super frustrating as the profiles for the Canon Photo Pro is perfect out of the box. So it is either time to buy a “Colorvision […]


!!: Alex showed me a photo and I asked where was it taken, he said, I made it with “Terragen”: This is another amazing free program that creates photorealistic landscapes. Kind of amazing how fast a computer can be and hold realistic things are. Powered by ScribeFire.

Macbook Air Rocks

As “Gizmodo”: says, power users are going to hate it, but those of us who like simplicity and functionality love the Macbook Air. Yes, it doesn’t have enough USB ports for the true power user, but it makes up for it with three things that are hard to describe but really important (at least to […]

Macbook Air SSD vs. Conventional

Well “Ludwig”: has one, so I have to have one too, the first solid state drive Macbook Air’s are arriving and the question is how do they perform. “Macrumors”: shows that there is nothing too unexpected. The CPU is pretty slow at 1.8GHz but is way faster than the pokey 4200 rpm 80GB hard drive […]

iPhone downgrade to 1.1.1 then upgrade to 1.1.2

OK, I had some trouble getting an iPhone (jailbroken, but locked) to work and now it is always in recovery mode. After much searching, “”: seems to have the answer, which is to downgrade to 1.1.1. The biggest problem is that I forgot that you have to recover the firmware back to the 1.1.1 version. […]

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