Finding a coach and Removing a coach from a team

This really shouldn’t be this hard, but to find an existing coach from a team you have to: # Click on the league you want (e.g., 2008 Fall Rec)# On the Quick Clicks in the top left of the screen, look for Find Participant# Click on Coache and type in the last name# You will […]

Music Galore

Spent a day thinking about nothing but music in the US. Strange to just have a meeting about music in China and then go directly to the US. Interesting sites: * “”: Spirit of full disclosure we are investors, but what the heck kind of cool * “”: Ditto * “Pandora”: I haven’t played with […]

Cool sites

Have yet another backlog of sites. The “Time”:,28804,1809858_1809957,00.html list is pretty good: GasBuddy has real time prices from the community. Save a few bucks! TripKick since TripAdvisor isn’t good enough. It tells you which floor to stay on 🙂 AfriGadget are simple things that can work in the developing world PopSugar shows I’m a bad […]

Metrohispeed Fax Admin Interface Quirks

After trying efax and a couple of others thanks to a great efax review site, we are giving a try. They are $13/month for 1000 pages per month, so a decent deal at Internet Email Fax Services by MetroFax. Here are some notes about using them: They do allow corporate accounts although no corporate […]

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