Music Galore


Spent a day thinking about nothing but music in the US. Strange to just have a meeting about music in China and then go directly to the US. Interesting sites:

* "": Spirit of full disclosure we are investors, but what the heck kind of cool
* "": Ditto
* "Pandora": I haven't played with it in a while. Same basic idea. Experts categorize music and then you create stations based on a single song or artist. Kind of neat. Good way to explore (vs. by recommendations which La La and Nutsie do). Nice user interface.

Cool new artists (no account for my tastes):

* "John Mayer's Say": . OK, he may be dating Jennifer Aniston (who hasn't gone out with her???), but the song is pretty cool.
* "Kat DeLuna": and 9 Lives. Discovered by a choice from Cassie's Me & U, some great tracks like "Whine Up": and I have to say the Nutsie search for Youtube for the video is hilarious and intercuts a kid video with a movie "Feel The Noise":

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