Cool sites

Cool sites

Have yet another backlog of sites. The "Time":,28804,1809858_1809957,00.html list is pretty good:

GasBuddy has real time prices from the community. Save a few bucks!

TripKick since TripAdvisor isn't good enough. It tells you which floor to stay on 🙂

AfriGadget are simple things that can work in the developing world

PopSugar shows I'm a bad person. I love reading gossip!

Picnik uses flash so you can do basic picture editing. I don't think I'd actually use it, but amazing user interface and the future of applications imho. is the way to figure out all the slang being used on the internet. For instance l33tspeak which means you replace letters with numbers like she1b0y. Lots of things I didn't know like P911 or W/E (my current favorite!).

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