Internet Ughs. Zoom needs three steps to remove a user. Awair conflicts with Unifi over MQTT Port 8883

In this day and age some things just seem ridiculously complicated. But here are some notes Zoom subscriptions Well I’ve been trying for three months to move down a user level. It’s really impossible. If you go to billing amd choose two to one for instance it all seems to work but ona. Mobile device […]

The Trials and Tribulations of Windows 10, HDR and Atmos and Zoom

OK given the pandemic, i”ve been spending alot of time at home. We have a dedicated gaming 4K HDR PC that I’ve used with a 5-channel Corsair Vengeance 1500 for years, but what if we want to make this into a mini home theater and have a dual use as a zoom center. Well, with […]

Cool Zoom Backgrounds

Well now that Zoom has cool backgrounds, everyone seems to be building “licensed” content. Well with Pexels, you can get generic backgrounds which are great. So there is now a cottage industry around these backgrounds: Shutterstock also ahs a dedicated section for video backgrounds. The most interesting are pretending you are in an old school […]

Zoom Lessons No. 3: On Security and Presenting

OK, listened to Erc Yuan, the CEO of Zoom do his webinar. Wow, it is always interesting to see CEOs in person. I had not realized he was part of the original WebEx team. And he is a true engineer in every sense. You can’t judge people by their cover, but he seemed earnest and […]

Running Secure Zoom Meetings 1, 2 and 3

Everyone is now worried about Zoom security and how to make sure that you are really running end-to-end encrypted and there is no possibility for anyone to see what you are talking about. Zoom included. First of all, Zoom is inherently secure if used well, you just make sure that you use the actual Zoom […]

Zoom video backgrounds are back!

They removed it for a while. You can access this on a Mac or PC by going to Preferences > Video > Background. But where do you get footage that looks good? Well, Pexel to the rescue. While Unsplash does photos only, Pexel also does royalty-free video, so that’s a great way to do this. […]

Zoom Security and Privacy Problems, Fixes and Response and a Lesson in PR

Well, Zoom has exploded in usage and has just been hammered in the last week culminating in bans. There have been countless stories about Zoombombing where kids and conferences have been inundated. Not to mention privacy problems and security holes. And most importantly, it’s not been if Zoom is a truly evil company bent on […]

Lumix DMC-LX3, Canon G10

Seems like the decent prosumer compacts are here with the LX3 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Digital Camera – Review – The Imaging Resource! The Panasonic LX3’s noise handling is significantly improved over the LX2. Noise performance was the single biggest issue with the LX2, its Achilles heel. On the Panasonic LX3, we’ve had a change of […]

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