Zoom Security Upgrade and 2FA resets

Ok, Zoom says they are at over 300M users (from 200M a few weeks ago!). So for all of you using it, some tips and tricks:

  1. You should turn on 2FA. That actually isn’t super easy because you turn it on in admin > Advanced > Security pane and then actually connect it with the user Security setting.
  2. But what if you want to change your 2FA device, turns out the only way to do that is that you have to be able login in the first place to your administrative account!
  3. Basically in Admin > Advanced > Security and then do a reset there. That means that if you lose the 2FA for your administrator, you are really screwed.
  4. So the big recommendation is you need to add to even your single user account, a backup account that will have “basic” access but more importantly give it administrative access. You might still lose both, but the odds are a little lower. So just use your backup Gmail account with Admin > User > Add User.

Second is that they are turning on some important features:

  1. Zoom 5 will use AES-256 encryption. As always make sure to look for the encryption icon in the upper left and make sure it is on.
  2. The main thing is that you should make sure to turn on password and you probably want a stronger one that the default numeric one. So when you get Zoom 5, turn that on.
  3. Also make sure that the defaults are correct. Make sure people can’t join unless you as a host are there and that video is by default turned off.

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