Tom's Hardware Guide Mainboard Guide:

Tom’s Hardware Guide Mainboard Guide: Episode II: Attack of the Chipsets – Intel 845E and 845G for 533 MHz FSB and DDR-SDRAM – Conclusion: i845G Jay – i845E Nay For people who want to go Pentium 4 ‘B’, we recommend the following scenarios: If you want top notch performance, consider i850E motherboards with officially unsupported […]

Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms)

Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms) Knowing Your Freshwater Bait (Non-Worms) Through centuries of trial and error, anglers have narrowed their bait choices to a few reliables. The following section covers the most popular non-worm bait for freshwater fish. (And by the way, the reason you find certain baits in bait shops is that they really […]

Trout – Baiting For Springtime

Trout – Baiting For Springtime Trout SALMON EGGS Salmon eggs are a highly productive trout bait, especially on opening day. They’re the right size and shape, and in many instances, they are saturated with flavored oils for added enticement. Cheese-flavored eggs seem to be the most popular. Salmon eggs come in a variety of colors. […]

Mountain Bike – Equipment Ultimate

Mountain Bike – Equipment Ultimate Cross Country Gear ULTIMATE CROSS-COUNTRY SPEC March, 2002 by Mountain Bike Staff 2002 Cross-Country Gear Ultimate Cross-Country Spec Helmets Pedals Saddles Bar-ends Bar/Stem Gloves For XC parts, lightweight is the name of the game, although the lightest part available isn’t always the best. The key is to find the lightest-weight […]

Hot Asus A7V333Raid Motherboard Bundle

Hot Asus A7V333Raid Motherboard Bundle – On Sale today! J & N Computer Services IN STOCK New Asus A7V333 RAID Retail boxed Motherboard Bundle! On Sale Today – Motherboard at $150 including UPS ground shipping, or take $30 off any of the bundle prices in the table below! Motherboard has: USB 2.0, USB 1.1, UDMA-133, […]

J & N Computer ServicesWe

J & N Computer ServicesWe specialize in providing tested Motherboard Bundles, shipped UPS Ground at no extra charge. These are motherboard / CPU / Memory combinations pre-configured and pre-tested before packaging and shipping. Seems like a highly rated site and a good place to try to build my own motherboard. Waiting for RDR27000 CAS2 RAM. […]

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