Rain Tire Recommendations From the


Rain Tire Recommendations
From the Roadbikerider.com web site, some more winter tires to look at
HEY UNCLE AL: I've decided to start criterium racing a little early in the season. I live in California, so the weather is usually just wet, not icy or snowy. I'd like a recommendation for a tire that would have good traction on wet pavement. Just for reference, during the regular season I use Michelin Pro Race tires on a pair of Ritchey WCS wheels. -- Matthew B.
UNCLE AL FIRES BACK: Well, you just got a glowing recommendation for Vredestein Fortezzas from Tim in his letter above. I haven't tried those tires and, in fact, I don't ride much on wet roads here in high-and-dry Western Colorado. You should remember that when you ask for my all-wet recommendations.
But I do know of two tires specifically designed for cold-temperature and wet-road training and racing. These are the Michelin Axial Winter and the Continental 3000 4 Season. An ex-Motorola pro tells me the Michelins stick great in the rain.
Both manufacturers claim to use different, softer compounds for a better grip in wet/cold conditions. But this also causes these tires to wear pretty fast if you leave them on for riding in dry/warm conditions.
Both tires come in 700x20C and 23C. I recommend the 23s so you can run lower pressure, say 90-95 psi, for even better traction.