Bicycle Tires Updated

Here’s an update from the bike tire explorations:
TUFO | Product Line. Saw this first on Sdeals. This is a tubular tire that fits on a clincher rim. Interesting idea. Weighs 335 grams but this includes the tube, so it compares with say 180 grams for a Veloflex Pave plus 70 grams for Michelin A1 tubes that I run and rim tape (my Ksyriums don’t have these, but normally these are 20 grams). So, it is quite a bit heavier, but you can inflate it to 200 psi. The Elite Road is 315 grames and 25 pounds, so worth a try sometime.
Veloflex Pave. I’ve been running these for about two weeks now. Boy, are they fast. Much faster than the Continental GP 3000’s I was running. Hopefully, these will last longer than 1500 miles as well. But, they are very, very slippery on the road in slick Seattle. These are 22mm tires not 23mm so are much smaller, weigh 180 grams (wow, that is light!) and can be pumped to 105-120 psi (wow!).
Vittoria Open All Weather. According to Brad, Lance Armstrong likes these an awful lot for when it is bad out. I might try these are some cyclocross tires. These are $70 from

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