[brad choate dot com] The Two Towers and lowMag.net’s loves it too. I haven’t seen such an incredible movie in a long time. We went with the other Geek Fishermen and I can only report that is was an amazing experience.

Not just Gollum mind you, but the scenary, the battlescenes. It was just amazing to me how well put together it was. Now, I know that if engage my brain, there were probably many terrible things about it, but I’ve never been so mesmerized. Come to think of it, maybe when I first watched Star Wars for the first time. I literally didn’t want it to end. This is one movie was super long and I didn’t mind. I just wanted it to keep going

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  1. Adam Avatar

    The entertainment value is tremendous. I can’t wait until part three. Hopefully, they will play all three on the big screen back-to-back.
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