Ericsson T68 Unlock

Ericsson T68 Unlock

Connie has an Ericsson t68 and is going overseas. She will need to use a local carriers SIM card, but her phone is locked. Here is what I found out about unlocking:

  • Forums - Do you provide, or need, unlocking services? Read this.
    Be aware that T-Mobile and Cingular will provide you with your subsidy (SIM-) unlock code and instructions for free. For Cingular, call Customer Care at 1-800-393-7267. For T-Mobile, send an e-mail to simunlock (at) t-mobile (dot) com. You will need your phone's IMEI number, which can be discovered by pressing *#06# on your GSM phone or by looking under the battery. It is a 15-digit number and is unique to your phone. AT&T historically have not given out unlock codes for GSM devices.
  • Logos Unlimited Remote Unlock Procedure. This ones says you must use Windows 98 and the instructions seem pretty complete. It is 20 pounds to unlock and upgrade to latest firmware. Seems like a good deal, but I have no idea how legitimate folks like these are. Could just take your money 🙁

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  1. desbloqueio t68, preciso dos c?digos e instru??es de como desbloqear.

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