Star Wars: Is there hope

Star Wars: Is there hope

Zagula spells trouble: Coming from Genndy Tartakovsky and More. There is hope for Star Wars. For me at least Star Wars II was unwatchable. What a fall from grace.
Anyway, John says some real geniuses are doing the final version. For me anyway, part of the problem is that there is zero suspense. It is like watching the first 10 minutes of the Poseiden adventure over three movies. We know Anakin is a bad guy. We know who the emperor is. The only question is when we get to the next reel and the bad stuff happens.


  1. Clarification: Unfortunately the movie is likely to be just as bad but the little cartoons they are doing between movies look to be very good.

  2. I would give anything for Ang Lee to direct SW3.

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