Using Exchange Server with Entourage. I’ve been trying to get a Macintosh to work with our servers. Man, the Macintosh sure has gotten a lot more complicated since the good old days of the Mac Plus. Spent a day trying to get Exchange and Entourage, the new Mac client to cooperate. It sure is mysterious. Neither the online website nor the online help are any good.
Thank goodness for Google, here is the site that seems the most helpful. Essentially, Entourage does not use the native Exchange protocol called MAPI, so you have to make sure lots of other things are turned on for it to work. To wit, you need:
* Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 (with Service Pack 2) or later
* Outlook Web Access must be installed and active (this starts HTTP DAV)
* IMAP, SMTP and LDAP protocols must be on and active
* Free/Busy server and Outlook Web Access URLs have to be know. These are usually http://server/exchange/public so you can see the free/busy of other people in your company and http://server/exchange/yourname respectively so you can get your calendar and contacts.
The long and short of it is that you have to get your system administrator up to sped that you are doing this and he has to turn on a bunch of things he may not want to for security reasons (for instance, we don’t have SMTP on because of the obvious holes it can bring up). IMAP and LDAP appear to be up though.
You can sniff the path using OWA and “TCPFlow”: by sniffing the request that OWA sends when looking up Free/Busy information (search the log for /public/).

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