Well, tried to get tickets for Broadway in San Francisco. Arrgh. It is amazing that a site like Ticketmaster can be continously busy. Shows what monopolies are like I think. Does anyone know a way to actually access ticketmaster.com, seems busy day and night.
In any case, tickets for Lion King are hard to come by. It is supposed to be good. The recommendation is for tickets in June during the weekdays if you can believe that. Ebay tickets are $250 each for VIP seats on opening night! (OTOH cheap compared to a set of Seahawk tickets).
So on to other offering there:
* “SF Arts”:http://www.sfarts.org/. This looks like the best calendar for upcoming SF activities despite the unfortunate url. (Think about it).
* DANCE AND CLASSICAL MUSIC, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. This is an independent site with reviews, but what I really need is a list of what is going to be showing. More previews than reviews.

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